Brita Plus

A new line of filters that fortifies water and offers users a way to get their daily nutrients from a brand they trust.

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Team roles

Shared roles

  • Research

  • Ideation

  • 3D modeling

Westen Johnson

  • Graphic creation

  • Rendering

Shivin Khanna

  • UI/UX layout

  • Writing

Research for this project consisted of a deep dive into Brita, their competitors, and the world of water filters through a variety of primary and secondary research, including interviewing and surveying of 75 consumers.

Brita = Healthy Water

Brita is a household name in water filtration founded on the belief of providing their customers great tasting, trustworthy, clean water. To consumers, Brita has become synonymous with "healthy water".


Currently, Brita has 91 million users with a retention rate of 80% which gives them an estimated active recurring user base of 72.8 million in the United States. They are a strong conscious customer base who are striving towards a healthy lifestyle.


Brita water filters were introduced to the U.S. market by Clorox under a partnership with BRITA GmBH. Clorox’s established brand and network of manufacturers, distributors and retailers enabled Brita to gain over 70% of the home water filter market share.


Today Brita still holds the biggest name in filtered water but is facing competition from other water companies such as P&G’s PUR, Zerowater, Generic Filters, as well as the bottled water industry.

Currently, the worldwide water filtration

market is valued at $53.6 bn and is expected

to grow to $110.02 bn by 2025. 


In the U.S. stricter EPA Guidelines put forth under the Safe Drinking Water Act and a renewed effort from local governments is ensuring that slowly but surely the quality of tap water has been constantly improving. In the medium to long run, this will threaten Brita’s primary market of water filters and ultimately render Brita irrelevant.

Water Filtration Market

Who is our Consumer?

To study Brita’s current user base and narrow down our course of action we launched an online survey.


Through the survey we gathered that individuals get their drinking water from 3 main sources, and we established that 70% of filtered water drinkers use Brita filters. They expressed a high level of trust regarding the brand and they continue to buy Brita replacement filters over generic ones because of the assurance of quality that is being offered. 

Research Insights


Brita users want to live healthier lifestyles. This can

be built upon by expanding into other markets which contribute towards an overall healthy lifestyle.

Convenience is something which is greatly desired by users, 

which is why the bottled water industry is so successful.



One of Brita's strongest qualities is the trust they've built with consumers. 

Through our research we saw many opportunities to explore to further Brita’s image and identity into a new market. Both of us made 30 sketches of possible extensions for Brita, ranging from physical products to services that we believe Brita has the experience and reputation to successfully execute.

Initial Ideation

Further Ideation

A second and more focused ideation process helped us further the most successful of our first directions. These ideas were aimed to keep in mind our brand identity, customers,  and threats we knew Brita were facing, and opportunities we knew they could capitalize on.

Narrowing Down

After comparing all of our ideas we narrowed down the most promising choices to 3 different directions; Brita To-go, Brita Plus, or Brita Balance. Hover on the images below to see more about them.




Selection of Brita Plus

We decided to move forward with Brita Plus because it fits strongly with Brita’s current brand image and mission. What Brita really provides to their customers is peace of mind, and this powerful feeling of security can be expanded from water purity into nutritional needs. We also felt this concept had the best possibility to capture unfiltered water drinkers who might try Brita Plus for more convenient and painless vitamin delivery.

The Design

Brita Plus adds vitamins to the user's water by through a vitamin core that slowly dissolves as the water passes over it. The clear windows on the filters allow the user to see water pass over their vitamins, increasing confidence that they are receiving what their body needs.

The goodness of Brita Plus is not limited to your home. The Brita Plus Bottle combines the benefits of a Brita Plus Pitcher with on-the-go convenience. 


The Plus Pitcher has a simple and modern look. It is designed to increase visibility of the filter and encourage the user to bring their Brita out of the shadows of the fridge and onto the table top. 


The Britta Plus Bottle Filter incorporates the same technology as the pitcher filter but in a  compact design.

Bottle Filter

Keeping with the iconic Brita design, the Brita Plus Filter takes wellness to the next level. The vitamin core adds a flash of color to the filter, and as it dissolves the user can see exactly when its time to buy a new one.

Pitcher Filter

When water enters it is first filtered through carbon in the center of the filter. It then floods up the walls of the filter to make contact with the vitamin core. The vitamin fortified water then drains into the water reservoir and the vitamin core is left dry until the next time you pour water in, ensuring the water isn’t oversaturated with vitamins. 

Water Flow

In the bottle filter water enters through the filter media and flows past the vitamin core as it travels to the spout of the bottle, directly fortifying the water as the user drinks. The outside shell of the filter casing protects the vitamin from constant water saturation.

Filter Varieties

Brita is a brand which caters to many different lifestyles, and Brita Plus will provide each of them their nutritional needs. A wide range of customized offerings, not just generic vitamins, will give everyone a Brita Plus Filter that fits them. A specialized base combination of vitamins and minerals, Brita Vitamix, is at the core of it all. Hover on each variety to learn more.


The Brita Plus range of products is priced keeping in mind Brita's current offerings and justifying the slight increase in price with the added value of nutrition. The pitcher filter is priced at $6.99 

and the bottle filter is $4.99, both $2 dollars more than the original. The pitcher is priced at $22.99 and the bottle is priced at $17.99, both similar to current offerings.


Brita Plus, though being a totally new product, incorporates similar production techniques as a Brita filter, limiting the amount of initial capital required for R&D. Brita can continue to use their established network of distributors, suppliers, and retailers to introduce Brita Plus. Sales are not limited to just physical stores, a combination of sales both online and offline will enable Brita to target an expanded audience. Online sales can be grown from just online retailers to now to the new personalized Brita Portal on their website.   

Brita Personal Portal

The Brita Personal Portal is a new feature we would be introducing alongside Brita Plus. The portal is a one-stop shop for all our customer's hydration and nutritional needs. The portal aids users in the pursuit of a healthy life by offering features like automatic re-ordering, as well as tips and guidelines to get the most of the product.

Benefits to Brita

The benefits Brita Plus brings is not just limited to the users. Constantly improving quality of tap water will eventually threaten Brita's primary market of water filters and ultimately their relevance. Sticking with their brand of wellness, purity, and health, an expansion into an ever-growing market of supplements is the path forward. Brita Plus will clearly differentiate Brita from their competitors and get away from competing on purity to look towards the future.

Revenue Impact

Currently, there are approximately 91 million Brita users with a retention rate of 80% in the United States.  We estimate the conversion rate to be around 20%, giving Brita Plus direct access to 14.5 million users in year one. Brita Plus products have similar margins to their existing line of products, averaged at $2 per filter. We estimate users to swap out a filter once a month totaling $24 per new customer per year. This gives Brita a direct increase of $348 million in revenue from year one.

Final Thoughts

Brita Plus can change the way users stay healthy by ensuring consumers get all their nutritional needs and are hydrated in the process. Brita plus ensures a continued relationship between Brita and their users by answering a critical need and helping them stay relevant. A totally new product category, Brita Plus will redefine nutrition and personal wellbeing, so Brita Plus will ensure a healthier future not just for the users but for Brita as well, and that's a plus!