Pizza Keeper

A pizza box liner that increases delivery quality, stores leftovers, and helps save the planet.

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Pizza boxes are recyclable, but only when they are clean. They must be thrown out when they become soiled with grease from pizza.

Soiled pizza boxes contribute to landfills and cause problems if they end up in the recycling. Greasy boxes can damage machinery and ruin recycling batches, a common occurrence that costs recycling facilities $700,000,000 per year industry-wide.

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3 billion pizza boxes are used each year around the world. A solution that preserves their recyclability could save half a million tons of cardboard from landfills.

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If a year's worth of the world’s used pizza boxes were stacked on top of each other...

They would rise over 95,000 miles high, 
or about 12 times 
the diameter of 
our planet

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Pizza Keeper is the solution to the pizza box recycling problem. It is a simple embossed aluminum sheet meant to be placed between the box and pizza that benefits the planet, pizza makers, and pizza eaters. 


The Planet

Pizza keeper ensures every box used for delivery is kept clean and recyclable by blocking grease from reaching the cardboard. After a quick rinse, the aluminum is also recyclable, creating a completely waste-free experience. 


The Pizzeria

Pizza Keeper increases delivery quality and prevents soggy, cardboard tasting pizza. The dimpled surface elevates the pizza and allows air to flow under it, keeping it out of grease and just as crispy as when it was made. 

Pizza Keeper also saves pizzerias over half of what they might spend on other eco-friendly boxes or liners, like the  GreenBox™ that tears into plates.

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The Consumer

Pizza Keeper offers the consumer a quick storage and reheating solution. No more squeezing a half-empty pizza box in the fridge, just wrap up leftovers in the liner and when its time to reheat put everything right in the oven.

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