Bear Bib

A teether and bib combination that lets an infant teethe without drooling on their clothes and without the risk of throwing or dropping their teether on a dirty surface. 

Although my model paw is foam and metal, the final product would be brightly colored plastic with different textures to stimulate and hold the infant's interest.

The brown fabric is soft allowing it to be used to wipe the infant's face without irritating their skin. The multi colored edge is a tougher and more textured fabric, extending the product's life and acting as another material to teethe on to relieve pain from the infant's gums.

The bib is easily attached around the infant's neck by touching the velcro on each paw together.

When worn the bib is made to look like a bear wrapped around and hugging the infant. If they are teething and drop or throw the paws they will hang from the bib until they are pulled back up and played with again.